Birthday Party Information:

  • Minimum number of children to book party is 5, maximum is 25
  • Minimum age limit for party is 3 (parents must sit with their child while painting)
  • Aprons are provided
  • Blow dryers provided to be able to bring paintings home the same day
  • Paintings take a minimum of one hour to complete (for simpler paintings)
  • I rent the room for a minimum of two hours, if more time is wanted/needed, $75-100 per hour will be added to the party price
  • Party prices are as follows:
              Up to 10 children-Ask for pricing
               11-15 children - $250
               16-20 children - $275
               21-25 children - $325

               26-30 children $375

  • $50 deposit is required to book the party (paid via Zelle, Venmo or Cashapp)
  • Paintings to match your party theme, canvas size 8x10 (there is an extra charge for larger canvas)
  • Tables and chairs are provided
  • Food and drinks (BYOB) are allowed (no food or drinks are provided by the Art Center, other than vending machines)
  • Decorations, plates, bowls, napkins, utensils, and other party supplies are NOT provided. Please bring tape for any hanging decor
  • Paper table protectors are provided for painting, if you would like to bring your own, you are welcome to
  • Sinks available
I have had two birthday parties for my daughter with Jamie and both have been huge hits! She’s great with the kids and explaining different painting techniques for the younger ones to understand. She’s very flexible and works with your requests to make the event a memorable experience you won’t soon forget. I’m looking forward to scheduling an adult only date night painting class soon! Highly recommend! - Mrs. Starr

Ladies Group Painting Party


I drew an outline for the children to follow, then I instructed them on how to properly hold and use their brushes as well as clean and care for them.

They then chose the colors that they wanted to use and we went to work painting and decorating their pictures. 

Look at the girls wonderful personalities show in their paintings.

They did a great job!

Mario Party


To start, I drew a basic silhouette of a girl, then the girls used the color of their choice to paint the background.

Next, the young ladies picked colors close to their skin and we talked about adding different colors to change the shade to make it closer to the color they wanted.

After they painted the skin, it was time to create the top, hair and facial features. They turned out beautifully.

For my daughters 10th Birthday Party, we hired Jaime to come guide 15 girls through painting a beautiful canvas. She was very easy to communicate with while planning the party, and also very patient while working with all the girls! They all had a blast! I would definitely recommend Jaime’s Palette for future parties and art classes!! - Mrs. Wechsler

Boys and Girls Party

Have a mixed group of kids for your next party? 

We have themes for every type of party and can have an appropriate painting for every type of group.

Here are some past favorites:

I booked Jaime for my daughter’s upcoming birthday and she was a breeze to work with - she made the process super easy and straightforward. She had a group of 9 kids that were ages 5-7 listening, engaged and painting quietly for OVER AN HOUR++ 👏🏼👏🏼 and every time I checked in she was like “I’m good!” and she handled it like a pro. Set up and clean up on my patio was done in less than 10-15 mins and no paint stains 👍🏼 Boys and girls both loved the experience and get to cherish the experience of their own work of art 🎨 - Mrs. Tran

Adult Paint Parties

Paris Theme Birthday Party

Friends Ocean Party

Umbrella Party for Church Group

Seasonal Themed Party

Christmas Party

Winter Party

Reindeer were selected for the theme to be painted at the Christmas party.

There are fantastic paint ideas for every time of year:

  • Fall / Summer / Spring / Winter
  • Fourth of July
  • Thanksgiving
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Mother's Day