Dec. 9, 2015

Jaime H

I have given art lessons to children for the past 15 years, I have also been teaching Art History for the past 3 years. I have been surrounded by art since I was a very small child. My Mom is an amazing artist and my Dad is a talented woodworker, because of them, I give credit for my love and passion for art.

In my classes, I will teach your child(ren) basic techniques to help them create their beautiful masterpieces. We have a tremendous amount of fun while creating new paintings/projects every week.

How to create Jackson Pollock Inspired Art

Crazy Hair

Fun Hair

Supplies Needed:

Tempera Paint (watered down just a little to make it easier to blow with a straw)


Watercolor paper or card stock 


Turn your paper vertical, then draw a fairly large circle or oval at the bottom of your page to make the head. Next, let's give your person eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and ears. Use your crayons to color the face. Next, drop any color paint right above the head (about the size of a quarter or a little larger), you want to get as close as you can to the top of the head so it will look like hair. Use your straw to blow the paint in different directions away from the face. Please note: depending on the child, they mix quite a bit of saliva with their paint when blowing through the straw, don't worry it will dry, lol. Keep dropping different color paints until the top of the page is full of color and resembles a messy colorful hairdo.

If you want to teach your child about primary and secondary colors, just use red, yellow and blue (primary color) paint and as the colors mix when blown through the straw, explain to them how the primary colors mix to create the secondary (orange, purple and green).  

Crazy Hair

Paint Monsters

Supplies needed:Paint Monsters

Tempera Paint (watered down just a little, to make it easier to blow with straw)


Water color paper or card stock

Googly Eyes

School Glue

Yarn (any color will work, we chose black)

Scissors to cut the yarn

This is a fun and easy project that doesn't take long to create, but the final product is AH-mazing!

Turn your paper any way you'd like, you can teach your child the difference between vertical and horizontal. Next, drop tempera paint (different amounts will create a bigger or smaller Monster) onto the paper in different areas. You can add as many colors as you'd like, or just work on one spot at a time. Have your child use their straw to blow the paint around the paper, explain to them to blow slow and steady so they do not make a huge mess. You can also have them move their paper in different directions to create a better effect. Take this time to tell your child that Jackson Pollock put his canvas on the floor, so that he could reach every angle of the canvas. Next, you want to add googly-eyes, have you child (or you) add glue to the monsters where ever they want to add as many eyes as they want. Lastly, Cut pieces of yarn to add a mouth, arms and/or antennas to complete your monsters.