This blog is dedicated to arts and craft projects that I have completed with my Sugar Land Art Classes as well as some fun ideas that I would like to share.

Dryer Vent Pumpkin Tutorial

This is my first experience teaching art to an Autistic child

This is a 40 inch by 32 inch painting in Acrylic

The month of January, we will be having fun splattering, spraying, dripping, pouring and blowing paint to create our very own Jackson Pollock inspired art

This week is one of my favorite projects; blowing paint. We drops 'blobs' of paint onto paper and use straws to blow the paint in different directions. We get to see the colors explode and blend together to create new colors. That leads the students to be able to learn the difference between primary vs secondary colors and warm and cool colors. It is amazing how much their brains can absorb at such a young age!