Arts & Crafts with the Senior Citizens of Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels

I teach Arts & crafts to Senior Citizens in the Fort Bend County area. Each week brings a new and exciting project to work on, whether it be a painting project or a craft project. We create projects that they are able to bring home, gift to a friend/family member and/or use to decorate the Congregate Center for an upcoming holiday.

Neurological research shows that creating art can improve cognitive functions

I enjoy spending time with them everyday

Research has proven that creating art helps reduce depression and anxiety and helps the individual relax

We made beautiful Spring Trees using faux flowers that we stuck (and reinforced with hot glue) into Styrofoam cones. To fill in any gaps, we hot glued Easter Eggs and Moss, which created a "fuller" look.

Keeps their hands moving

Here, the ladies are creating beautiful handkerchiefs. They drew and colored on the handkerchief with Sharpies then used droppers to drip rubbing alcohol onto the ink. The alcohol spread the ink throughout the handkerchief and creates a "tie-dye" effect. The results are breath-taking.